Digital Curation and the Performing Arts

Poster Doug ResideOn 8th and 9th May, the Theatrescapes research group organized a talk and workshop with Doug Reside, digital curator of the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. ( The event took place at and was generously co-financed by the Center for Advances Studies (LMU) (

In his talk, Digital Curation and the Performing Arts, Doug discussed his role at the library and demonstrated the impressing tools he has developed to preserve the material of the library’s collections, and to engage new readers/users.

The workshop Whither Digital Humanities? Curators Meet Researchers  aimed at mediating the dialogue between researchers from theatre and art studies, librarians, curators and archivists. Participants explored the chances, benefits and challenges of introducing digital tools into their respective field of work and presented their DH projects and databases. DH Workshop Programme & Participants .

Both the talk and the workshop turned out to be a big success and initiated vivid discussions and exciting plans for future cooperations between researchers, archivists and librarians in the field of Theatre Studies.

The talk has been recorded and will be out soon.

Klick here for Nic Leonhardt’s introductory remarks (in German):

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